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    Custom Gold iPhone 6S Plus

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    Get a gold plated iPhone 6S Plus to elevate your phone design. From yellow gold to the black platinum pick your style and we'll create the magic. Elevate your iPhone 6S Plus with the gold plating option that best represents you!Switch KSA allows you to design and create gold iPhone 6s Plus online with the best prices. With Switch, you can customize your very own gold iPhone 6s Plus. Order now and get your limited-time offers and discounts with delivery in Jeddah, Riyadh, and the whole KSA.

    You can choose from our assorted of gold iPhone 6s Plus designs made to make all your phone pop & shine. You can also create your own custom gold iPhone 6s Plus by submitting your on design.

    Why wait any longer when you can customize your very own iPhone 6s Plus? Create your own iPhone 6s Plus gold & make things shine with some bling.

    Discover with Switch today!

    Select the device of your choice from “Do it on a brand New device” or “Do it on my device”.

    Do it on a brand New device: Buy a new device from Switch and gold plate it, engrave it, paint it or bling it with Swarovski crystals, personalize your new gadget any which way you like and make your mark.

    Do it on my device: Personalize your existing device to match your attitude and style. We give you the tools to unleash your creativity and be the designer.

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    Thank you for choosing Switch. We would request you to send us your device by an arranged pick up service of Switch to get it personalized.

    Please make sure you follow below steps:

    • Please take a backup of your personal data before handing over your device as Switch will not be responsible for any loss of data in process of service.
    • While checking out, please provide us your appropriate pick up address and feasible date and time.
    • Send us your device.

    We will wait for your device to provide you exotic experience with Switch.

    KSA Customers: We will send you an airway bill of arranged pick up service through DHL. Take a printout of bill then please drop your device to the nearest DHL center and your device will be on it's way to switch. Confirm for nearest DHL center by calling on 920003450. Make sure there shouldn't be any scratches / dents on the device and should be in good working condition.

    Give us a shout at for questions / concerns.

    Team Switch!

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    Select the finish from “Gloss” or “Matte” as per your choice.

    Gloss Finish: These paint finishes reflect the most light of any when dry, providing a bright sheen.

    Matte Finish: These paint finishes deliver a smooth, subtle look and show little to no sheen when dry, as they absorb light.